Reasons Why You Should Consider Postural Assessment

There are various reasons why one might need a posture assessment. And one of the most common is to prepare their body before an exercise program. A postural and core assessment is crucial as it can show how the muscles and joints are working together. Also, it will record any imbalances that need to be corrected.

The Postural Assessment

The postural assessment expert will need to collect the information required to ensure that your body is physically ready for the much-needed exercise regimen. But this assessment is a comprehensive method where it will consider your entire physical bearing. It means that there is no single assessment that can do it all. You will be working with various trained practitioners for your postural assessment.

You might be working with physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopathic doctors, and also massage therapists when needed. But you must pay close attention to picking the right practitioner or physician to work with. They need to have the right qualifications and experience.

Various Types of Posture Assessment

When you know that you need a postural assessment, there are various methods to be used. This may be a mixture of conventional and manual processes, and they might even use modern digital techniques. These assessments will be used to determine if any problems need to be corrected. Here are the widely-used approaches for postural assessment.

  • Visual Assessment. The most common method is visual observation. It does not require any expensive equipment to do, and it is easy and highly accessible. However, it is not enough to detect any changes in the posture. Also, it can provide different results that can affect accuracy. Physicians and practitioners will not be able to gather details simply by visual examination.
  • Plumbline Method. This is another conventional manual approach used by physicians and practitioners for postural assessment. With this method, the physician uses a plumbline as a reference scale. This will then be used to find the best balance of weight for the body. However, this is still a weak method when it comes to gathering quantifiable data.
  • Digital Assessment. This method is becoming more popular these days for postural assessment. It is more accurate and non-invasive compared to other options. Some will use devices like Spinal Mouse, Digital Inclinometers, or Electrogoniometer for accurate posture readings.
  • Software Assessment Tool. Some doctors these days are using software assessment tools that work best with manual and digital assessments. These tools will be used to calculate and determine problems to help improve your posture.

The best results for postural assessments will be from a combination of manual, digital, and software assessment tools. So if you know that you need this assessment, then go ahead and book an appointment soon.