Never Stop Playing: A Deeper Look at BandarQ Online

Never Stop Playing

The secret to success and continuous flow in BandarQ and other QQ Games is always playing, whether you’re winning or losing. This means that even while you’re not actively playing a game, there should still be one or more games “in play” at any given time.

By always having a game “in play,” you can maximize your earning potential and attract more players.

The basic strategy I use is to always be on two tables. This does that even while you’re playing one table, another table will fill up with random players waiting for games. When the first one finishes, immediately join another table and start a new game, so it’s ready when you complete your second table game. Once again, following the rule of always having at least two games in play will ensure maximum earnings while minimizing time spent between games.

Since most bandarqq sites require at least four people to start a game, we should only have to spend about five minutes (on average) between each table if we want to keep our earnings constant.

Don’t be afraid to leave a table after you’re finished. Once you’ve won your money or collected your FPs, go ahead and leave the game. The key is that even if you don’t win, at least one person will get an equal amount of FPs based on how often each player wins (four players per round times five rounds equals twenty FP per round). That’s still better than nothing, and it means less time spent waiting for games, which also means more net earnings overall by utilizing our time as much as possible.

Another essential aspect to remember when playing BandarQ is that sometimes we’ll win too quickly and end up having to wait for another game because there aren’t enough people playing yet.