The Benefits of International Schooling

International schools come in various sizes and shapes, and thus it is not always easy to get a broad view of what these schools have to offer. But certain things are common to any international school, regardless of its geographic location. You will understand better when you read carefully why parents prefer Panyaden as the best international school in chiang mai school over a private or public school.

Due to many candidates in a public school, there is no possibility to give individual attention to a particular student. This, in a long-term process, limits and affects student growth infinitely. Creativity almost dies because teachers fail to discover an individual’s talent.

The best part about the international school is that they follow the “NCLB” rule as it is called in the United States, which means “no child left behind.” The faculty at the International School in particular to one’s life. They hold separate discussion sessions and frequent meetings with parents and keep them informed about their children’s development.

Relatively Small

Unlike any other school, the class size of an international school is relatively small. This is a great advantage in many ways. Each student will be given individual attention, and his performance will be fully monitored. The teacher has the time to train the student for his academic and extracurricular activities. They will not need to refer to a progress card to track a student’s progress, whereas, in public school, it takes a quarter of a year for a teacher to analyze an individual’s growth.

Better understanding of the students

Regarding the previous point, as the teacher understands his student better, he knows what is good and what is not good. Remember that colleges go through extensive training before applying to class for their first lecture. Children are free to explore themselves and discover a whole new world of creativity. The school stands as a pillar of encouragement and support for the student in every possible way. His deeds are always noticed and appreciated. This encourages students and helps them to do great things. Well-trained colleges adequately guide them through individual attention. This, in the end, means that they know what they’re doing and do it better.

Finishing the curriculum

Generally, in public schools, the whole purpose of teaching is to finish the curriculum rather than teaching. The average teaching time in a public school is about 25 hours per week, and each class ranges from 50 to 60 minutes. This burdens students with a situation where they only study for a degree. In an international school, the teaching time is only 16 hours. In most schools, students are only taught four days a week. They make sure that students are not exhausted. This will help the student perform well and give the college ample time to prepare for each conference.

The multicultural essence is another important feature of thebest international school in chiang mai. Students learn about different cultures, languages, religions, and ethnicities. Help build a good community and friendly environment. This also helps a person thrive anywhere in the world, regardless of the people out there.

What is on people’s minds is that they think international schools are often too expensive. It should be understood that there is a reason behind the fee structure. Food is an important factor to consider.  it is common for students to overlook the importance of healthy living. International schools provide high-quality meals. The time allotted for lunch is also longer compared to public schools.