Important Tips on How to Clean a Swimming Pool

How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Whenever you see a house with a swimming pool, you instantly think it’s posh and luxurious. Having a pool in the backyard incites leisure and relaxation. It’s the perfect place to hang out during the summer. You can also throw a pool party with friends during the weekends! When you have a swimming pool, the possibilities are endless because you can do tons of enjoyable things with it. That’s why the maintenance of the swimming pool is essential. And once you have a pool, you already know the costs that come with cleaning it.

Every pool owner knows how to clean a green swimming pool. If you own a swimming pool, it’s vital for you to know every part of it and know how to clean it. Swimming pools need weekly maintenance, so you should be knowledgeable at the very least. Here are a few tips you need to know on sustaining a clean and happy swimming pool ready for the summer!

Healthy Swimming Pool

Tips You Should Follow for a Healthy Swimming Pool

Instead of hiring a team of professional swimming pool service providers for a high cost per week, why don’t you learn how to clean it yourself? Here are some tips you should follow to create a weekly routine to maintain a happy swimming pool.

  1. Skimmers are rectangular shaped and found on the sides of undergrounds pools. Above pools have skimmers as well, but they float on the surface and hang on the sides. Skimmers draw water in from the surface, including debris. The sunscreen collects the dirt, which you need to check and clean every week.
  2. Use a sturdy net that can scoop out floating debris on the surface of your pool, like leaves, branches, and twigs. Use a vacuum to remove debris that has fallen at the bottom of the pool.
  3. The filter serves as the heart of the pool. A dirty filter can lead to green and cloudy water because it’s not filtering the water effectively. Millions of particles cling to the filter when water passes through it. There are many kinds of filters, all with a unique cleaning process.
  4. The pH levels check the acidity of the water. It should be between 7.2-7.6. You should check your swimming pool’s pH levels daily so as not to mess up with the pool water.
  5. Brushing the interior of your swimming pool should be done weekly. Some particles stick to the sides of the pool, which is pretty unavoidable. But brushing it every week will do the trick. Remember to vacuum after brushing your pool to remove the debris that has fallen below.
  6. Check the water levels weekly whenever you’re skimming your pool. It should not fall below the skimmer tubes as it can damage the pump.
  7. Shocking the pool means putting a significant amount of chlorine can kill off algae and ensure the water stays crystal clear. Keep in mind to use chlorine with discretion because it is a chemical. Add chlorine weekly. After that, let your water filter system run for 8 hours to ensure water is safe.