How to Collect Paint Debris When Pressure Washing House

Pressure Washing

While pressure washing is undoubtedly a singularly useful method for cleaning surfaces, one that is uniquely suited to the task of washing up concrete slabs as well as other things that homes might contain, suffice it to say that it can also create a lot of runoff that you’d never want getting too far into the ecosystem surrounding your home. When you are pressure cleaning your house, a common element that would get mixed into the runoff at this current point in time would be little chips of paint debris.

This paint debris can be disastrous to the environment if you don’t collect it during pressure washing katy, so you would do well to not wait until after you are done without a shadow of a doubt. Instead, try setting up a system that can continuously collect paint debris while you are in the process of washing up the exterior of your residential domicile. You can buy a water filtration system that is not mechanized but rather consists solely of a filter that allows water to pass through but absolutely no debris would be able to get beyond it.

Placing this filter on a nearby drain that your water will be flowing into allows it to collect the most paint debris that it can. You would likely notice a powdery residue that is forming a somewhat thick layer on this filter. This is the paint debris that basically broke down into a fine dust. You can just throw this away into a dustbin without a care in the world. This is all that is required for you to safely state that you have done a good job.