What are industry belts, what are they made of, and what are the advantages of using them?

industry belts

Belts are required in all companies to transmit power from motors to axes and convert energy. PIX correas industriales is a company that provides high-quality performance belts to industries. That helps transmit the power from the mechanical energy using this belt.

There are different types of belts available for industrial use. The primary function of correas industrials is to transport various types of objects from one location to another by applying motor torque to the conveyor.

They are made of fabric to withstand high pressure and abrasion. Industrial belts are strong, durable, and resistant enough to withstand these environmental conditions. The common belt used in industries is a conveyor belt.

The industry belts are used to reduce the noise created in the industry. Instead of using pulleys and sprockets, this creates more noise and vibration in the power transmission. Belts are used to do the work of transmitting power from machinery to work. They are effective and produce less noise compared to other methods.

Industrial belts are used in mechanical power transmission in the industry, and they are made of different materials based on the requirement and the durability required. These belts are designed to withstand high rotational speeds and heavy loads.

There is a wide variety of machinery placed on the machinery, and the belt is designed for a wide variety of types of machinery and equipment, such as electric motors, compressors, fans, pumps, and any other drive system in the industry.

correas industriales

Belt types available for industry

Most industries depend on manpower; to reduce the manpower and improve the speed of transmission processes, different types of machinery and belts are used in them.

  • Filter belts
  • Woven metal belts
  • Hinged belts
  • Plastic interlocking belts
  • Conveyor belts

There are different types of conveyor belts.

  • Flat belt conveyor
  • Modular belt conveyor
  • Cleated belt conveyor
  • Curved belt conveyor
  • Conveyor Belt Decline

The benefits of using industrial belts

  • Easy assembly
  • Easy installation
  • Reduce the size of your inventory
  • High transmission rate
  • High resistant
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Withstanding environmental harshness
  • Working quietly and smoothly

A PIX industrial belt is used in mechanical power transmission, where it is placed between two axes’ pulleys and connected to transmit mechanical energy from one axial to another. The belts slide smoothly over the pulleys to transmit the mechanical energy without any wear on the machinery.